Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei has conceived and planned 150 courses (Workshops, Seminars, Masters and Advanced Training Courses) for the company Delta Communication S.r.l., most of which regard Communications.
She has also created several different educational programs that over the years have been repeated up to 30 times, obtaining approval both in terms of their quality and as regards the number of their participants, with the involvement of distinguished corporate clients such as Cariparma and Volksbank.
Since 2004 she has been a teacher of subjects related to press office activities and the organization of events connected with Masters, Courses and Workshops (to date she has taught about 60 classes) in the context of companies and organizations including CS Europa, Phidia, Formazione Live, Challenge Network and Informagiovani of the Municipality of Rome, as well as for Delta Comunicazione S.r.l.

In 2016, as part of the Festival “Rumori nell’Isola”, which was held on the island of Ventotene, she carried out a seminar on the subject of Self-Promotion.


  • Novembre/dicembre 2018 >
    Master in Organizzazione di Eventi e Ufficio Stampa | Roma (Polo Didattico) | 
  • Marzo 2019 > Course “Ufficio Stampa Musicale” | Roma (FormazioneLive) | 
  • Aprile 2019 > Master in Organizzazione di Eventi e Ufficio Stampa | Roma (Polo Didattico) | 
  • Maggio 2019 > Course “Produttori Discografici e Organizzatori di eventi musicali” | Roma (FormazioneLive) | 
  • Giugno 2019 > Course “Organizzatori di Festival ed Eventi Musicali” | (TBA) 
  • Giugno 2019 > Workshop “Build your own promotion” | Pompei (Jazzit Fest)